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Abandoned Well

A well not in use because it was a dry hole originally, or because it has ceased to produce. Statutes and regulations in many states require the plugging of abandoned wells to prevent the seepage of oil, gas, or water from one stratum to another.

Absolute Temperature Scale (Kelvin)

A temperature scale independent of the thermometric properties of the working substance. For convenience, the absolute (Kelvin) degree is identified with the Celsius degree. The absolute zero in the Kelvin scale is minus 273.160 Celsius (C).

Acid Gases

Gases that produce an acidic solution when dissolved in water. Examples of such compounds, often found in natural gas, are hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide.


A process by which capacity available in a pipeline is distributed to parties in the event requests for volume (i.e., nominations) are in excess of the available space. Typically the allocation is based on service type, contract type and a company's tariff provisions.

Alternate Fuels

Other fuels that can be substituted for the fuel in use. In the case of natural gas, the most common alternative fuels are distillate fuel oils, residual fuel oils, coal and wood.

Aquifer Storage

The storage of gas underground in porous and permeable rock stratum, the pore space of which was originally filled with water and in which the stored gas is confined by suitable structure, permeability barriers, and hydrostatic water pressure.

Associated Gas

Free natural gas in immediate contact, but not in solution, with crude oil in the reservoir.

Associated Liquids

Condensates (liquid hydrocarbons without free water) produced in conjunction with the production of gas to be transported or liquefiable hydrocarbons contained in such gas, but not including oil.

Auxiliary Devices

Devices used with a meter to provide an adjustment of the meter reading to permit obtaining special information, or to transmit information to a remote location.