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University square - Bucharest
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GIE Annual Conference 2008 - Bucharest - 23-24 October 2008 - Hosted by Transgaz
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Presented Materials - Day TWO
Presented Materials - Day TWO
Download the GIE Conference programme in printable format
GIE Annual Conference 2008 - final programme
MS Powerpoint document
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Download the GIE Conference Speaker's Biographies in printable format
GIE Annual Conference 2008 - Speaker's Biographies

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  A. Panel Session
  Session 1 : Third Package recent developments
    Chairwoman : Silvia Adriana Ţicău, MEP, European Parliament
    Third Package Progress MS Powerpoint document
    GTE+ progress towards ENTSOG MS Powerpoint document
    Making the third package work in practice MS Powerpoint document
    Needs of the market participants with respect to creating an integrated and competitive European Gas Market MS Powerpoint document
  B. Coffee Break
  C. Panel Session
  Session 2 : Security of Supply and market needs : Facing the investment challenges for storage
    Chairman : Jean-Marc Leroy, President, GSE

The rising value of underground European gas storage

MS Powerpoint document

How to attract funds for storage investments?

MS Powerpoint document
    Experience with storage investment:
the Bergermeer Gas Storage Project
Adobe Acrobat document
  D. Panel Session
  Session 3 : LNG as promotor of Security and Diversity of Supply and Competition
    Chairman : Francisco de la Flor, President, GLE

LNG Study: Is an European Action Plan Necessary?

MS Powerpoint document
    LNG: promoter of EU Security and Diversity of Supply? Adobe Acrobat document
  E. Closing Panel
  Closing Panel
  F. Lunch
  G. Sightseeing Tour
  Bucharest sightseeing tour