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Hydrogen storage in depleted fields

By Hungarian Gas Storage (Hungary)

Hungarian Gas Storage plans to develop a new project of hydrogen storage in depleted fields.After the production of hydrogen from renewable energies by PEM-electrolysis, hydrogen-enriched natural gas would replace part of the own gas consumption of the storage sites of the country, and then be injected into

the grid using the existing gas infrastructure for domestic and industrial uses. For the moment, the project is still waiting for financial support from the Hungarian government. This project could be part of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region endorsed by European Council in 2011.

Technical aspects

  • The project uses PEM-electrolysis. The main advantages of this technology compared to AEC-electrolysis are that a lower operating temperature is needed (80°), efficiency is higher (65-77%) since more hydrogen is produced per kWh, no chemicals are generated, devices need low maintenance, and the footprint is smaller (more kg of hydrogen per m3 cell)
  • The total working gas capacity of Hungarian Gas Storage is 4.4 bcm

Contribution to energy transition

In Hungary, energy from photovoltaic and wind turbines is expected to strongly increase, but the most critical point in the spread of renewable energy is how to store it when needed. This project is offering a solution to store the surplus, helping the country achieve its carbon emission targets in the long-term.