About Us

Gas Infrastructure Europe is a representative organisation towards the European Institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, Council of the European Union) as well as the European bodies of regulators (ACER, CEER) and other stakeholders.

GIE was formally established on 10 March 2005 as a legally independent and non-profit association with official articles of associations. Its Secretariat is based in Brussels (Avenue de Cortenbergh 100). The GIE President is Mr. Torben Brabo.

GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe - is representing 68 member companies from 27 countries, gathering operators of gas infrastructures across Europe: transmission pipelines, storage facilities and LNG terminals.

GIE is the umbrella organisation for its three subdivisions :

GLE GLE - Gas LNG Europe
representing the LNG Terminal Operators (TO)
GSE GSE - Gas Storage Europe
representing the Storage System Operators (SSO)
GLE GTE - Gas Transmission Europe
representing the Transmission System Operators (TSO)

GIE Organisation

GIE Organigram