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Gas Week 2016
21-24 November 2016 in Brussels
GasWeek 2016    
GasNaturally - GasWeek 2015

Breakfast Debate :
Innovating Europe's Energy Future: The Role of Gas

EEF Dinner Debate:
Gas and Renewables: the right combination for a sustainable future?

Breakfast Debate :
Urban air quality - an urgent issue

Dinner Debate:
Lowering transport emissions - The role of gas vehicles in the EU mix


Gas Week has once again proven to be a signature event in the Gas Industry year, bringing together industry and policy makers to discuss the prospects for gas in the EU energy mix. The 5th edition of Gas Week included four events, each one with a different energy and climate policy focus that provided a lively forum for debate on the future of EU Energy Policy.

Anticipating the imminent publication of the Clean Energy for All Europeans (CEFAP), Gas Week 2016 addressed the issues of Climate Change, Air Quality, and Energy decarbonisation, in which Natural Gas will undoubtedly play a key role.

Gas Week 2016 events tackled issues such as Innovation of Europe’s Energy Future, the Gas and Renewables Partnership, Urban Air Quality, and the Role of Natural Gas in Lowering Transport Emissions. Discussions showed that natural gas will be critical for achieving the emissions reduction goals of COP21, but also in driving future energy innovation and the energy transition.



The programme and additional information is available on the GasNaturally website..

Gas Week 2015
13-16 October 2015 in Brussels
GasWeek 2015    
GasNaturally - GasWeek 2015

Panel debate :
Gas and Renewables - a New Reality?

Workshop :
Moving forward with a secure natural gas supply for Europe: What's been achieved, What's in the pipeline

MEP Assistant's Cocktail Party

Visit to LNG Terminal in Zeebrugge


Gas Week has become a signature event on the Brussels calendar, enabling industry stakeholders and EU policymakers to come together and discuss the future of Europe’s climate and energy policy.  The 2015 edition consisted of a number of public and private events in and around the European Parliament in Brussels.

With the Juncker Commission’s publication of the Energy Union Package in February 2015, several significant legislative proposals will be forthcoming over the next five years, a majority of which are expected in 2015-2016. As the cleanest available fossil fuel, gas is proving to be one of the most efficient, flexible and cost-effective ways of turning this Energy Union into a reality.

In light of this, Gas Week 2015 brought together high-level speakers from various parts of the natural gas chain, experts and academics to discuss how gas can play a key role when it comes to realising the EU’s goals on climate and energy.  This year’s events focused on the role of gas in heating and cooling, LNG production and storage in relation to security of supply, and the potential partnership of gas and renewables in power generation.


Check out the Gas Week 2015 photos here.

The programme and additional information is available on the GasNaturally website..

Gas Week 2014
18-20 November 2014 in Brussels
25-26 November 2014 in Strasbourg
GasWeek 2014    
GasNaturally - GasWeek 2014
European Parliament
and Hotel Sofitel Jourdan

European Parliament
Gas Week returned in November 2014 with a series of events in Brussels and Strasbourg. With a new Parliament in place and a new Commission soon taking office, EU policymakers will be shaping future EU energy and climate policies in the wake of the October European Council on the 2030 Framework. As the cleanest available fossil fuel, gas was recently described by Energy Commissioner Oettinger as a vital part of a low-carbon energy mix.
Natural Gas and Security of Supply
Natural Gas and Cleaner Energy
Natural Gas and Competitiveness
Gas Week provides opportunities to discuss how gas can play its role to the full, through a series of debates on key topics such as: gas driving the decarbonisation of EU power generation and heating; infrastructure development and security of supply; gas and carbon capture and storage, etc. Through its GasVisually exhibition in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, GasNaturally will showcase the uses of gas across sectors and how gas can help Europe meet its objectives of competitiveness, sustainability and security of supply.

Download the Programme Outline here (PDF, 1MB)


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