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GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe - PRESIDENT AGENDA
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04/02/2021       Panel for EU-China Dialogue on “Low-Carbon and Renewable Gases”
03/02/2021       GasNaturally Presidents meeting
29/01/2021       Workshop with Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure (CSEI) on “Energy Islands”
22/01/2021       Presidential meeting GIE + Marcogaz
19/01/2021       ACER internal webinar on "The EU Energy Transition - Thoughts and Actions"
18/01/2021       GIE External Workshop for GSE on “What legislation for long-term energy storage?”
13/01/2021       GIE General Assembly Workshop on New Way of Working
17/12/2020       Nordion Marknadsraad (Sweden)
10/12/2020       GIE EURACTIV event
08/12/2020       ENTSOG “The Future of Gas Grids: TSOs working for Decarbonisation and Energy System Integration”
07/12/2020       Florence Forum (most likely Renewable offshore strategy, energy system integration or hydrogen)
01/12/2020       Wind Europe “Renewable Hydrogen”
26/11/2020       EFET “Towards efficient energy system integration in Europe”
24/11/2020       Eurelectric “Hydrogen: The Power sector’s further contribution to achieving net zero”
23/11/2020       FSR PAC2021 “The role of Hydrogen in enabling the energy transition”
19/11/2020       DG GROW on H2 and CHA
13/11/2020       FSR “Electricity Pricing and Trading”
03/11/2020       GIE GA Workshop “Gas infrastructure in a European Perspective”
03/11/2020       Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) General Assembly has elected Torben Brabo, CEO of Energinet Gas TSO, as GIE’s new President for a 24-month term. Torben Brabo takes over the Presidency from ENGIE’s Jean-Marc Leroy who has served as GIE President since 2015.
20/10/2020       GEODE “The role of system integration in decarbonising Europe"
14/10/2020       EC Madrid Forum “EHB developing dedicated infrastructure” and “New disruptive business models”
13/10/2020       Flame “Decarbonising and Regulating EUs Gas Grids”
09/10/2020       EU-India Dialogue: Green Hydrogen Pilot(s) in India on infrastructure
GIE - Gas Infrastructure Europe - PRESS RELEASE
09/07/2020       GIE online workshop on Decarbonising the gas infrastructure in Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe with a Sustainable Recovery
16/06/2020       FSR online event 'Role of Gas in the Smart Sector Integration'
28/05/2020       Conference at Sciences Po Paris 'A climate crisis after a health crisis?'
19/05/2020       meeting with Diederik Samson, the head of Cabinet of Timmermans Vice-President of the Commission, and two other members of the Cabinet, Riccardo Maggi and Alexandra Tomczak
30/04/2020       telco with Siegfried Mureșan, MEP and Member of the BUDG Committee
28/02/2020       meeting with Kitti Nyitrai and Karlis Goldstein, members of the Cabinet of Kadri Simson, Commissioner for Energy
18/02/2020       meeting with Mauro Petriccione, DG CLIMA
18/12/2019       meeting with Ms. Ditte Juul jørgensen-
new DG ENER in Brussels
05/12/2019       CIFE - Centre International de Formation Européen in Nice / Speech on Energy Transition and finance / The role of Hydrogen by Mr. Leroy
20/11/2019       meeting with Mr. Bas Eickhout -
VP Green Group EP in Brussels
18/11/2019       EEF - European Parliament Dinner Debate in Paris / Speech on Gas infrastructures as an energy carrier on the road to 2050 by Mr. Leroy
18/11/2019       meeting with Mr. Raffaele Mauro Petriccione -
Director General of DG CLIMA
13/11/2019       meeting with Mr. Christian Holzleitner -
Head of Unit, Land Use and Finance for Innovation, DG CLIMA
12/11/2019       EEF Diner Debate with GIE / SNAM / GRTgaz at EU Parliament, Brussels: "EU Green Deal : gas infrastructure as an energy carrier on the road to 2050"
        Speakers’ presentations and pictures of the event are available here.
08/11/2019       meeting with Ms.Ditte Juul Jørgensen- Director General of DG ENER
07/11/2019       EAGC European Annual Gas Conference in Paris / Speech on Market Design and Network Competition by Mr. Leroy (5-7 November)
23/10/2019       Madrid Forum (23-24 October)
17/10/2019       INGAS (Turkey) (17-18 October) - Keynote Speech by Mr. Leroy
20/09/2019       meeting with Mr. Klaus-Dieter Borchardt - Deputy Director General DG ENER
19/09/2019       meeting with Mr. Miguel Arias Cañete  - European Commissioner for Energy and Climate Action
17/09/2019       GIE / GAZ-SYSTEM Joint Workshop on the energy transition in the CEE region
12/09/2019       meeting with Ms. Adina Valean - MEP, Chair ITRE Committee
18/06/2019       European Energy Week (Brussels) - common event GIE, Hydrogen Europe & WindEurope on renewable energy and energy efficiency
13/06/2019       GIE Annual Conference 2019 (Paris) - Chairman & Welcoming remarks with Jean-François Carenco (CRE) & Dominique Ristori (DG ENER) (13-14 June 2019)
05/06/2019       Madrid Forum - Gas Package 2020: the role of gas storage (5-6 June 2019)
14/05/2019       FLAME (Amsterdam) - Presidence of the roundtable (14-15 May 2019)
29/04/2019       Madrid Forum - (29-30 April 2019)
27/03/2019       meeting with Mr. Klaus-Dieter Borchardt - European Commission, Deputy Director-General, DG ENERGY
12/03/2019       AFG Convention (Association Française due Gaz) (Paris) - Roundtable on the future European work on gas market and gas infrastructures
12/03/2019       meeting with Mr. Dominique Ristori - European Commission, Director-General, DG ENERGY on the economic potential offered by the Energy Transition
02/03/2019       6th International LNG Congress (Belgium) - Speech by Mr. Leroy
27/02/2019       BIP (Paris - Newspaper)
26/02/2019       Euractiv
Interview w/ Jean-Marc Leroy : "We have to make gas greener"
26/02/2019       Gas Strategies
Interview w/ Jean-Marc Leroy
19/02/2019       Global LNG (Milano) - Speech by Mr. Leroy
07/02/2019       Meeting with Susanna Pfluger, EBA Secretary General
Meeting with Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Hydrogen Europe Secretary General
04/02/2019       dienas bizness (Latvia)
Newspaper interview w/ Jean-Marc Leroy
21/01/2019       Meeting with Zane Kotāne, Chairman of the Management Board, Conexus Baltic Grid

IAEE Symposium in Sofia, Bulgaria
Official opening of the 1st Sofia Energy Economics Conference organized by FEBA and IAEE at Sofia University

Speech by Mr. Jean-Marc Leroy
More information about the event available here
Photos and presentations available here

05/09/2018       meeting with Mr. Kolinski & Howes - European Commission, Head of Unit and Deputy Head of Unit, DG ENERGY / Directorate A4
05/09/2018       meeting with Adina Valean - Member of the European Parliament from Romania, Chair ENVI Committee in EP
18/07/2018       CEER - Council of European Energy Regulators
Meeting with Garrett Blaney, CEER President
19/06/2018       Energy Post Weekly
Interview Jean-Marc Leroy, President Gas Infrastructure Europe: "Green gas is paramount for us, but we are still in experimentation phase"

Interview of Jean-Marc Leroy
by Sonja van Renssen

GIE Annual Conference in Bucharest, Romania - hosted by Transgaz
see Conference website

13/06/2018       POLITICO
Q and A with Jean-Marc Leroy, President of Gas Infrastructure Europe

Interview of Jean-Marc Leroy
by Anca Gurzu
12/06/2018       meeting with Dominique Ristori - Director-General DG Energy
      Conference of the European Biogas Association (EBA) in Antwerp, Belgium
Presentation of Mr. Jean-Marc Leroy on 24 January
11/01/2018       meeting with Adina Valean - Member of the European Parliament from Romania, Chair ENVI Committee in EP
08/12/2017       Event "10 years DESFA:
Building a connected future for the European Gas Market", Athens
Presentation by Jean-Marc Leroy
        Click image below for video report
        Click image below for photo gallery
30/11/2017       WindEurope Conference & Exhibition in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Introducing Power-to-Methane
Presentation by Jean-Marc Leroy
20/11/2017       meeting with Mr. Borchardt, DG ENER - Directorate-General for Energy, Dir B - Internal Energy Market
09/11/2017       meeting with European Parliament Member (EP) (Ms. Karima Delli)


      European Autumn Gas Conference (EAGC) in Milan, Italy
meeting with :
- Mr. Child, Deputy Director General, DG RTD - Research & Innovation
- Mr. Christian Wimmer, DG ENV Senior Expert, EC-Directorate-General for Environment, Waste Management & Secondary Materials
- Mrs. Gauer, EC DG COMP - Director in the Dir. B: Energy and Environment
23/10/2017       meeting with European Commission, Director DG ENER - Internal Energy Market (Mr. Klaus-Dieter Borchardt) and DC COMP (Ms. Céline Gauer)
      30th Madrid Forum in Madrid, Spain
(MF website)
20/09/2017       EXPO GAZ / AFG Gas Conference in Paris, France
Roundtable on Market Design
03/07/2017       meeting with Executive Director at National Grid (Nicola Shaw)
      GIE Annual Conference in Prague, Czech Republic
Keynote Address by Jean-Marc Leroy, Thursday 22 June 2017
16/06/2017       presentation at the Annual Conference of the Russian Gas Society in Berlin, Germany
Natural gas market - Rules of the game; current state and development
Presentation by Jean-Marc Leroy
31/05/2017       meeting with DESFA CEO (Sotiros Nikas)
23/05/2017       meetings with CEOs of Storengy Deutschland (Alain Caracatzanis), Gazprom Germania (Laventy Pyliagin) and INES Board member (Peter Schmidt)
22/05/2017       meeting with Ralph Bahke, CEO Ontras
09/05/2017       participation at the State of the Union panel at Flame Conference
article for Flame: Gas - the cornerstone of the future energy system
09/05/2017       meeting with CEO of Gassco (Frode Leversund)
03/04/2017       meeting with President of EBA (Jan Štambaský)
30/03/2017       meetings with CEOs of Magyar Földgáztároló (László Fritsch), MMBF, FGSZ (K. Tehres) and Magyar Gas Transit (Zolt Birtalan)
23/03/2017       NDRC - energy ministry,
NEA - regulator

Workshop with Chinese Authorities
and stakeholders on storage and development of market places
06/03/2017       meeting with CFO of Innogy Storage (Lubor Veleba) and Vice Chairman at ERU - Czech regulatory office (Vladimir Outrata)
16/02/2017       Central & Eastern European (CEE) Gas Conference 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia
European energy market design: how to make it fit for future?
Presentation by Jean-Marc Leroy
13/02/2017       Andreas Rau - CEO, NET4GAS
01/02/2017       AGA (American Gas Association)
Discussion on gas market developments
in the US and Europe
14/12/2016       Speech at GIE General Assembly in Brussels
24/10/2016       Rio Oil & Gas 2016 Expo and Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creation of gas market - European perspective
Presentation by Jean-Marc Leroy
      Madrid Forum
28/09/2016       meeting with representatives of Chinese National Commission for Reform and Development (NDRC) and National Energy Administration (NEA)
23/09/2016       Radoslaw Dudzinski - CEO, Polish Trading Point
23/09/2016       Wieslaw Rokosz - Gas Storage Poland
22/09/2016       Artur Zawartko - Vice-President of the Board, GAZ-SYSTEM
08/09/2016       Catherine Halpin - Electrogas Malta
07/09/2016       Marco Alverà - CEO, SNAM
11/07/2016 & UTILITIES Magazine
Regulatory Stability and Predictability Are Key for the Region
(English version)
????????????? ?????????? ? ??????? ?? ??????? (Bulgarian version)
Interview of Jean-Marc Leroy by Atanas Georgiev,
for & Utilities - during GIE Annual Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria

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13/06/2016       Jean-Arnold Vinois - Honorary Director, European Commission and Energy Adviser, Jacques Delors Institute
8-9 Jun 2016       GIE Annual Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria
Keynote Address by Jean-Marc Leroy, Thursday 9 June 2016 (English)
08/06/2016       Ion Sterian - Chairman of Transgaz Board and Ciprian Alic – Director of Division – EU Funds and International Relations, Transgaz
08/06/2016       Saulius Bilys - CEO, Amber Grid
08/06/2016       Henk Abbing - Managing Director, EnergyStock
24/05/2016       European Parliament - EEF dinner-debate - LNG: a game changer for the EU’s transport and power sector? (presentation)
11/05/2016       Dik Paul - Shell
11/05/2016       Klaus Schaefer - CEO, Uniper
10/05/2016       Annie Krist - CEO, GTS
20/04/2016       Argus Media
GIE pushes for infrastructure investment

Interview of Jean-Marc Leroy by Dafydd ab Iago,
for Argus Gas Connections - Q&A
12/04/2016       NGVA
Natural Gas plays a major role in energy transition

Interview of Jean-Marc Leroy by Zeger Luijendijk
for NGVA Europe
24/03/2016       Platts
Gas in the European Energy Transition - Role of gas in the European energy mix and new uses of gas

Interview of Jean-Marc Leroy by Lucie Roux
for Platts
17/03/2016       EU Energy cooperation with Eastern Neighbourhood and Central Asia

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01/03/2016       Ukrainian Energy Forum
16/02/2016       Miguel Arias Canete - EU Commissioner for Energy and Climate Change
10/02/2016       Aigars Kalvitis – CEO, Latvijas Gaze
08/02/2016       Gas Naturally
Meeting with François-Régis Mouton
08/02/2016       Eurogas / NGVA
Meeting with B. Raabe / M. Maegde
08/02/2016       Dominique Ristori - Director General, DG Energy (European Commission)

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19/01/2016       Harald Stindl – CEO, Gas Connect Austria
19/01/2016       Ion Sterian – Chairman of the Board, Transgaz
07/01/2016       Gorgi Gegov – CEO, Bulgartransgas
06/01/2016       Dan Asrian Vecerdea – UGS Operations Manager, Romgaz
05/01/2016       Pascal de Buck – CEO, Fluxys
05/01/2016       Stephan Kamphues – CEO, OGE
27/11/2015       Markus Mitteregger – CEO, RAG
27/11/2015       Erich Holzer – CEO, OMV Gas Storage
27/11/2015       Rastislav Nukovic – CEO Eustream
27/11/2015       Walter Boltz - ACER
26/11/2015       Gas Naturally
Conference call of Presidents
26/11/2015       Jan Springl - Chairman of the Board EPH (NAFTA, Pozagas, Eurostream)
26/11/2015       Angela Marlovits – Chairwoman GIE Security SG Gas Connect Austria