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08/12/2017   Event "10 years DESFA:
Building a connected future for the European Gas Market", Athens
Presentation by Jean-Marc Leroy
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03/07/2017   meeting with Executive Director at National Grid (Nicola Shaw)
31/05/2017   meeting with DESFA CEO (Sotiros Nikas)
23/05/2017   meetings with CEOs of Storengy Deutschland (Alain Caracatzanis), Gazprom Germania (Laventy Pyliagin) and INES Board member (Peter Schmidt)
22/05/2017   meeting with Ralph Bahke, CEO Ontras
09/05/2017   meeting with CEO of Gassco (Frode Leversund)
03/04/2017   meeting with President of EBA (Jan Štambaský)
30/03/2017   meetings with CEOs of Magyar Földgáztároló (László Fritsch), MMBF, FGSZ (K. Tehres) and Magyar Gas Transit (Zolt Birtalan)
06/03/2017   meeting with CFO of Innogy Storage (Lubor Veleba) and Vice Chairman at ERU - Czech regulatory office (Vladimir Outrata)
13/02/2017   Andreas Rau - CEO, NET4GAS
14/12/2016   Speech at GIE General Assembly in Brussels
28/09/2016   meeting with representatives of Chinese National Commission for Reform and Development (NDRC) and National Energy Administration (NEA)
23/09/2016   Radoslaw Dudzinski - CEO, Polish Trading Point
23/09/2016   Wieslaw Rokosz - Gas Storage Poland
22/09/2016   Artur Zawartko - Vice-President of the Board, GAZ-SYSTEM
08/09/2016   Catherine Halpin - Electrogas Malta
07/09/2016   Marco Alverà - CEO, SNAM
13/06/2016   Jean-Arnold Vinois - Honorary Director, European Commission and Energy Adviser, Jacques Delors Institute
08/06/2016   Ion Sterian - Chairman of Transgaz Board and Ciprian Alic – Director of Division – EU Funds and International Relations, Transgaz
08/06/2016   Saulius Bilys - CEO, Amber Grid
08/06/2016   Henk Abbing - Managing Director, EnergyStock
11/05/2016   Dik Paul - Shell
11/05/2016   Klaus Schaefer - CEO, Uniper
10/05/2016   Annie Krist - CEO, GTS
10/02/2016   Aigars Kalvitis – CEO, Latvijas Gaze
19/01/2016   Harald Stindl – CEO, Gas Connect Austria
19/01/2016   Ion Sterian – Chairman of the Board, Transgaz
07/01/2016   Gorgi Gegov – CEO, Bulgartransgas
06/01/2016   Dan Asrian Vecerdea – UGS Operations Manager, Romgaz
05/01/2016   Pascal de Buck – CEO, Fluxys
05/01/2016   Stephan Kamphues – CEO, OGE
27/11/2015   Markus Mitteregger – CEO, RAG
27/11/2015   Erich Holzer – CEO, OMV Gas Storage
27/11/2015   Rastislav Nukovic – CEO Eustream
26/11/2015   Jan Springl - Chairman of the Board EPH (NAFTA, Pozagas, Eurostream)
26/11/2015   Angela Marlovits – Chairwoman GIE Security SG Gas Connect Austria

12/06/2018   meeting with Dominique Ristori - Director-General DG Energy
11/01/2018   meeting with Adina Valean - Member of the European Parliament from Romania, Chair ENVI Committee in EP
20/11/2017   meeting with Mr. Borchardt, DG ENER - Directorate-General for Energy, Dir B - Internal Energy Market
meeting with :
- Mr. Child, Deputy Director General, DG RTD - Research & Innovation
- Mr. Christian Wimmer, DG ENV Senior Expert, EC-Directorate-General for Environment, Waste Management & Secondary Materials
- Mrs. Gauer, EC DG COMP - Director in the Dir. B: Energy and Environment
09/11/2017   meeting with European Parliament Member (EP) (Ms. Karima Delli)
23/10/2017   meeting with European Commission, Director DG ENER - Internal Energy Market (Mr. Klaus-Dieter Borchardt) and DC COMP (Ms. Céline Gauer)
08/02/2016   Dominique Ristori - Director General, DG Energy (European Commission)

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16/02/2016   Miguel Arias Canete - EU Commissioner for Energy and Climate Change
27/11/2015   Walter Boltz - ACER

14-15 June  

GIE Annual Conference in Bucharest, Romania - hosted by Transgaz
see Conference website

24-26 Jan.   Conference of the European Biogas Association (EBA) in Antwerp, Belgium
Presentation of Mr. Jean-Marc Leroy on 24 January
30 Nov   WindEurope Conference & Exhibition in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Introducing Power-to-Methane
Presentation by Jean-Marc Leroy
6-8 Nov
  European Autumn Gas Conference (EAGC) in Milan, Italy
19-20 Oct
  30th Madrid Forum in Madrid, Spain
(MF website)
20 Sep   EXPO GAZ / AFG Gas Conference in Paris, France
Roundtable on Market Design
22-23 Jun   GIE Annual Conference in Prague, Czech Republic
Keynote Address by Jean-Marc Leroy, Thursday 22 June 2017
16 Jun   presentation at the Annual Conference of the Russian Gas Society in Berlin, Germany
Natural gas market - Rules of the game; current state and development
Presentation by Jean-Marc Leroy
9 May   participation at the State of the Union panel at Flame Conference
article for Flame: Gas - the cornerstone of the future energy system
16 Feb   Central & Eastern European (CEE) Gas Conference 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia
European energy market design: how to make it fit for future?
Presentation by Jean-Marc Leroy
24 Oct   Rio Oil & Gas 2016 Expo and Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creation of gas market - European perspective
Presentation by Jean-Marc Leroy
6-7 Oct   Madrid Forum
8-9 Jun   GIE Annual Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria
Keynote Address by Jean-Marc Leroy, Thursday 9 June 2016 (English)
24 May   European Parliament - EEF dinner-debate - LNG: a game changer for the EU’s transport and power sector? (presentation)
17 Mar   EU Energy cooperation with Eastern Neighbourhood and Central Asia

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1 Mar   Ukrainian Energy Forum

19/06/2018   Interview Jean-Marc Leroy, President Gas Infrastructure Europe: "Green gas is paramount for us, but we are still in experimentation phase"
Interview of Jean-Marc Leroy
by Sonja van Renssen
  Energy Post Weekly
13/06/2018   Q and A with Jean-Marc Leroy, President of Gas Infrastructure Europe
Interview of Jean-Marc Leroy
by Anca Gurzu
11/07/2016   Regulatory Stability and Predictability Are Key for the Region (English version)
Регулаторната стабилност е ключова за региона (Bulgarian version)
Interview of Jean-Marc Leroy by Atanas Georgiev,
for & Utilities - during GIE Annual Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria

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20/04/2016   GIE pushes for infrastructure investment
Interview of Jean-Marc Leroy by Dafydd ab Iago,
for Argus Gas Connections - Q&A
  Argus Media
12/04/2016   Natural Gas plays a major role in energy transition
Interview of Jean-Marc Leroy by Zeger Luijendijk
for NGVA Europe
24/03/2016   Gas in the European Energy Transition - Role of gas in the European energy mix and new uses of gas
Interview of Jean-Marc Leroy by Lucie Roux
for Platts

18/07/2018   meeting with Garrett Blaney, CEER President CEER - Council of European Energy Regulators
23/03/2017   workshop with Chinese Authorities
and stakeholders on storage and development of market places
NDRC - energy ministry,
NEA - regulator
01/02/2017   Discussion on gas market developments
in the US and Europe
AGA (American Gas Association)
08/02/2016   François-Régis Mouton Gas Naturally
08/02/2016   B. Raabe / M. Maegde Eurogas / NGVA
26/11/2015   Conference call of Presidents Gas Naturally