GLE - LNG map

LNG as fuel in maritime and road transport and energy solution in off-grid destinations is gathering ground throughout Europe. The GIE small-scale LNG map for the first time provides the LNG industry and interested parties with an overview of the available, under construction and planned small-scale LNG infrastructure and services in Europe.

The GLE small-scale LNG map provides the following information:

LNG import terminals offering new LNG services

  • Reloading: Transfer of LNG from the LNG reservoirs of the terminal into a vessel
  • Transhipment: Direct transfer of LNG from one vessel into another
  • Loading of bunker ships: LNG is loaded on bunkering ships which supply to LNG-fuelled ships or LNG bunkering facilities for vessels
  • Truck loading: LNG is loaded on tank trucks which transport LNG in smaller quantities
  • Rail loading: LNG is loaded on rail tanks which transport LNG in smaller quantities

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