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Gas Makes a Clean Future Real for Europe

Launch of the ‘GasNaturally’ initiative to demonstrate the importance of gas in the Energy Roadmap 2050

Brussels, 6 December 2011

GasNaturally, a new initiative and website launched on 6th December 2011, will highlight the many benefits of gas in the context of the European Commission’s forthcoming Energy Roadmap 2050. Gas is the cleanest hydrocarbon fuel; it is also an abundant, secure and reliable energy source, making it an attractive, stand-alone energy source as well as the ideal partner for renewables. Gas is flexible, available and can be stored and transported easily in large quantities. Innovative gas technologies and products are being developed today to increase energy efficiency and to provide new solutions that will help Europe achieve its low-carbon economy objectives. GasNaturally is responding to the Commission’s call for an inclusive debate on competitive solutions to ensure security of energy supplies while achieving the targeted CO2 reductions.

Converting old high carbon power generation to modern gas-fired power plants would help realise the EU’s ambitious target of cutting CO2 emissions in a cost effective way. A 2011 study by IHS CERA showed that the instantaneous conversion of all high carbon power generation in the EU to best performance gas power plants could reduce by 58% power sector emissions relative to 1990 levels.

”There are quite a few myths about gas as an energy source, for example that one has to make a choice between gas and renewables,” says François-Régis Mouton, Chairman of the GasNaturally initiative. “In fact, gas and renewables go hand in hand to achieve secure supplies with lower emissions. We want to demonstrate the long-term benefits and uses of gas within a low carbon economy across Europe to 2050.”

Gas Week in Spring 2012

One key initiative of the GasNaturally campaign is Gas Week 2012, a week-long programme of public debates and exhibition in Brussels. Gas Week 2012 will provide an opportunity for policy makers and others to exchange views with gas industry experts and learn more about the contribution of gas for the environment, energy security, and competitiveness in Europe.

“European energy stakeholders will be invited to discuss gas as part of the solution to meet the energy challenge facing us,” Thierry Deschuyteneer, Vice Chair of the GasNaturally initiative explains. “It also allows us to showcase our innovative industry.”

The GasNaturally initiative is supported by Eurogas, Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE), the European Gas Research Group (GERG), the Technical Association of the European Natural Gas Industry (MARCOGAZ), the International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers (GIIGNL), the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) and the International Gas Union (IGU). Together, these organisations supply hundreds of millions of customers and represent the entire gas chain.

For more information on the GasNaturally campaign, please visit, write to us at or contact Robin Koch at Weber Shandwick in Brussels (+32 (0)486 02 6668).