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Press Release
  9 August 2016

GIE further boosts its transparency platforms for gas storage and LNG


  • Full operation as Registered Reporting Mechanism under REMIT
  • AGSI+ and ALSI upgraded


After Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) started full operation as Registered Reporting Mechanism under the REMIT Directive on 7 April 2016, GIE launched on 9 August 2016 its upgraded AGSI+ and ALSI platforms which now include the REMIT fundamental data for gas storage and LNG facilities from both GIE members and non-member companies. Data available at the platforms allow keeping track of the use and availability of storage and LNG terminals across Europe. AGSI+ is accessible at: and ALSI is accessible at: Access to both platforms is free of charge. Data are updated daily at 19h30 CET.


AGSI+ and ALSI have increased their coverage throughout the years and have become standard sources of reference for market parties. GIE is continuously working on improving and extending the AGSI+ platform following the positive feedback from stakeholders. During the recent months, developments in the GIE transparency work included use of energy units to ensure consistency with REMIT reporting and an improvement in the reliability of the data. Energy values reflect the development of the gas market in the EU, where gas is traded as a commodity in the wider energy market. Information on planned and unplanned unavailability of the facilities is now available in a more modern and accessible format. Historical data has been converted to energy values to ensure consistency with historical data.


Referring to this development, Lubor Veleba, President of Gas Storage Europe, stated: “AGSI+ has become a reference point for gas storage data in Europe. Becoming an RRM brings the platform to a new level and provides a great service to our members as well as non-member companies. With this initiative, GIE reaffirms its commitment to gas market transparency and to working jointly with regulators and other stakeholders.”


Wim Groenendijk, President of Gas LNG Europe, added: “In the new ALSI platform the data are disaggregated per LNG facility. This is an additional contribution to transparency which is a key factor for the well-functioning and evolution of the internal gas market.”


AGSI+ delivers online daily data representing approximately 1043 TWh, i.e. 88% of EU technical storage capacity. For 46 storage operators in 19 Member States, it shows volume in stock as well as the daily injection and withdrawal capacities.


ALSI delivers online daily data representing approximately 176 bcm, i.e. 89% of EU technical LNG regasification capacity. For 14 LNG terminal operators in 8 Member States, it shows volume in stock as well as the daily withdrawal capacities.


GIE will continue improving its AGSI+ and ALSI platforms for providing useful public data on the use of storage and LNG facilities to the market and stakeholders.


Note to Editors


Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) is an association representing the interests of European natural gas infrastructure operators active in natural gas transmission, storage and LNG regasification. GIE is a trusted partner of European institutions, regulatory bodies and industry stakeholders. It is based in Brussels, the heart of European policymaking.


GIE currently represents 67 member companies from 24 countries. Its internal structure has three columns corresponding to the three types of infrastructure activities represented: GTE (Gas Transmission Europe), GSE (Gas Storage Europe) and GLE (Gas LNG Europe), all of which fall under the umbrella of GIE. This structure allows member companies to speak with one voice on infrastructure topics as well as to build positions on column-specific issues.


To find out more about GIE’s structure and activities, please visit our website at


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