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GIE Position Paper on:
“Quo Vadis EU gas market regulatory framework? – Study on Gas Market Design in Europe 


The EU Commission has launched a study under the title "Quo Vadis EU gas market regulatory framework – Study on a Gas Market Design for Europe". The aim of the study is to provide a substantiated analysis as to whether the current regulatory framework in the EU gas sector is the most effective in order to maximize overall EU welfare.

GIE is fully supporting the notion that the gas market should contribute to maximizing the overall EU welfare and help achieve EU energy and climate targets. It is with that in mind that infrastructure operators have played an active role in developing the current gas market. This is a gas market that according to ACER has continued to progress and where market dynamics seem to work better and better, to the benefit of the users of the gas system.
GIE is committed to be an integrated part of this development and aims to ensure that the existing gas infrastructure continues to provide benefits to the European consumers in the transition towards a more sustainable energy system. GIE will continue its commitment to contribute to the dialogue on creating the most efficient gas market.


The full GIE Position Paper is available here.