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The legislative proposals published by the European Commission today represent a robust framework for further development of the internal gas market. The proposals confirm that the European authorities and GTE share the same goals. GTE is happy to see that the Third Package reflects the fruitful cooperation between the European Commission, the regulators and GTE over the last year, for example with respect to the key role of extensive market consultation by the TSO’s and the development of a European gas transmission grid. 

Nevertheless, the programme presented by the European Commission is ambitious and contains important challenges. GTE is determined to face these challenges and to put a lot of effort in the work that still has to be done. It will produce a closer review of the legislative proposals in the following weeks and address these issues in more detailed comments and a first picture on the way forward.

GTE, the transmission arm of GIE, acknowledges the requirement for closer cooperation between TSO’s and welcomes the opportunity to enhance this cooperation and to upgrade its organisation towards an entity that will be better equipped and situated to contribute to the further development of the internal gas market. In this respect GTE shall expeditiously engage in building the new organisation required for the consultation and development purposes described in the proposed legislation.

Jacques Laurelut, GTE President, said: “The Third Package reflects that the TSO’s have been at the heart of the essential steps in the process of liberalisation. The TSO’s will, supported by their new organisation, continue their efforts to develop the infrastructures required for a well-functioning Internal Gas Market. They will by simultaneously intensifying cooperation - and harmonisation, where possible - improve themselves in fostering market integration and development, for which they envisage to remain adequately rewarded.” 

Notes to Editors

GTE represents the interests of 34 Transmission System Operators in countries in Europe. GTE is one column of GIE, Gas Infrastructure Europe, the European association of the Transmission, Storage and LNG terminal Operators. GTE is committed to improving the regulatory and investment framework for transmission activities in order to help its members to continue providing secure, efficient and valuable transmission services to the market.


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