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  20 June 2012

GSE announces further improvements of its Aggregated Gas Stock Inventory:
Country wise disaggregation finalized

Gas Storage Europe (GSE) is proud to inform of further development of the Aggregated Gas Stock Inventory (AGSI). As from today, the AGSI platform features country-wise disaggregated data for the TTF hub representing The Netherlands and Denmark. The aggregated data for these countries continues to be also available under the TTF hub. With this final disaggregation GSE now provides country-wise data for all 8 hubs, representing storage data from 14 Member States.

The GSE Aggregated Gas Stock Inventory contains daily data on storage use and inventory levels in Europe. It includes information at country level as well as on market area basis covering in total 85% of the EU storage capacity. Following the positive feedback received from stakeholders and the European Commission, GSE is continuously improving and extending the AGSI platform.

The GSE AGSI platform is accessible at:

Jean-Marc Leroy, GSE President, stated: "35 European Storage Operators permanently deliver data for this important transparency initiative. Thanks to their support we are proud to be able to continue our efforts in the field of transparency. As of today we have achieved an important goal: to present storage data on an aggregated and on country level".

Note to Editors

Gas Storage Europe (GSE) represents the interests of 30 Storage System Operators with around 110 storage sites in 16 countries in Europe, representing approximately 79 BCM, i.e. 88% of EU technical storage capacity.  GSE is one column of GIE, Gas Infrastructure Europe, the European association of the Transmission, Storage and LNG terminal Operators. GSE is committed to improving the regulatory and investment framework for storage activities in order to help its members to continue providing secure, efficient and valuable storage services to the market.

The Aggregated Gas Stock Inventory delivers online daily data representing approximately 76 BCM, i.e. 85 % of EU technical storage capacity. It shows for 8 defined hub areas the volume in stock as well as the daily injection and withdrawal.

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