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Press Release
  7 March 2013

LNG Terminal operators launch a new transparency tool


Gas LNG Europe (GLE) is proud to inform of the launch of the Aggregated LNG Storage Inventory (ALSI).


It is a public platform making available aggregated operational data regarding the operation of the EU LNG terminals. ALSI includes daily information at country level covering all the LNG regasification capacity in operation in the EU.


The online publication takes place 7 days a week at 6 pm CET presenting in particular the following data for EU with their splitting per country:


  1. LNG Inventory existing at the end of the previous gas day: Aggregated amount of LNG in the LNG tanks, expressed in thousand cubic meter of LNG;

  2. Daily Send-Out of the previous gas day: Aggregated gas flow out of the LNG facility, expressed in million cubic meter of Natural Gas

ALSI proposes also several user friendly functionalities such as historical files and graphs that allow a quick overview of the past and present operational status of the EU LNG terminals. Historical datasets will be made available starting from 1 January 2012.


It is available from GIE website: http://lngdataplatform.gie.eu


GLE Members committed on a voluntarily basis to provide daily data of their terminals for the benefit of the markets participants. GLE will continuously improve and extend ALSI.


Francisco de la Flor, GLE President, said: “Through the development of this transparency initiative, GLE members proved their commitment to an increasing level of transparency which is a key factor for the well functioning and evolution of the internal gas market”. He also added that: “As of today we have achieved an important goal: to present LNG data on a common platform and on country level".


Note to Editors

Gas LNG Europe (GLE) currently gathers 14 European LNG terminal operators from 9 countries, representing around 90% of all the existing LNG regasification capacity in Europe. GLE is one column of GIE, Gas Infrastructure Europe, the European association of the Transmission, Storage and LNG terminal Operators. GLE is committed to promoting the development of a fully operational European internal market for LNG and the creation of a stable and predictable regulatory framework which is conducive to investments and which ensures transparency and non‐discriminatory treatment.


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