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Executive Summary

  • The small scale LNG development is strongly driven by policies and targets to reduce emissions and increase the sustainability of the transport sector. New emissions control regulations are making LNG an increasingly attractive option for the (short sea) shipping sector as well as for heavy road transport.
  • The technologies for handling large and small scale LNG are worldwide available.
  • GLE members have a solid experience in management of small scale-LNG processes (i.e. truck loading or ship loading for vessels <40,000m3)
  • Main barriers to be overcome are the poor infrastructure and the missing consistent normative and regulatory framework which includes safety standards for the handling of small scale LNG.
  • Outlook: There is an impressive amount of ongoing work to break through the barriers to implement LNG as a fuel.

icon GLE Position Paper: Overcoming barriers in the Small Scale LNG development (606.46 kB)