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In 2012 GIE developed the ‘GIE position paper regarding the revision and future of the European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EPCIP)’.

On 1 October 2012, the position paper was published and very well recognised by the stakeholders: It was used as basis for a TNCEIP position paper (Thematic Network on Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection) and was considered for the EPCIP revision done by a Commission Communication which is expected to be finalised in 2013.

Point 5 (Way forward/ Position on revision), 2nd paragraph, of the position paper says: ‘A common methodology of risk/threat assessment in Europe for gas infrastructure sector developed by GIE would be desirable. An all hazard approach should be taken.’

On 13 December 2012, the GIE General Assembly approved the budget to develop a Methodology for Security Risk Assessment in 2013.

icon Security Risk Assessment Methodology - scope of work (342.3 kB)