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GSE (Gas Storage Europe) reaffirmed today during the XII Madrid Forum its commitment to greater transparency of relevant storage information expanding the existing Gas Inventory Scheme to now include aggregating gas-in-store levels in members’ storage facilities by hub locations. The update in the GSE Transparency Platform is effective as of early October 2007.

GSE is therefore pleased to publish each Thursday at

> Aggregated storage levels for all GSE members per hub.
> Weekly stock movements and information on how full the facilities are.
> Links to all GSE member websites publishing individual storage data.

NBP & ZEE UK and Belgium
TTF  The Netherlands and Denmark
PEG Northern, Central France
PSV Italy
Germany Germany
Baumgarten Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary & Slovakia
Iberian Southern France & Spain 
On the day of the update of the inventory scheme, Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht, GSE President, said: “The recently announced Third Energy Package reiterates the importance of infrastructure operators providing reliable and timely information. The publication of gas inventory levels releases additional relevant information to all market participants, thereby enhancing transparency that will better serve a well functioning gas market – a key goal of the Energy Package. GSE will continue to engage stakeholders and its members to explore ways of providing more relevant information to the market.”


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