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On 22-23 November 2007 GIE held its Annual Conference in Madrid. This year’s Conference was hosted by Enagas and attracted a wide audience from the whole European gas sector, including various stakeholders, representatives of the European Commission and regulators.

Among the main topics of the Conference was the Third Energy Package published by the European Commission in September. GTE, the Transmission System Operators column in GIE, presented its views on the new proposals, with particular reference to the establishment of the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSOG) as a means of enhancing cooperation between transmission system operators.

Jacques Laurelut, GTE President, said: "The creation of the new body ENTSOG is of particular relevance for further fostering investment in infrastructure. ENTSOG will have to work with the Agency for Cooperation of European Regulators and the European Commission to ensure efficiency of the process. GTE reaffirms its commitment to work towards ENTSOG prior to the adoption of the Third Package by strengthening GTE as early as 2008."

Jacques Laurelut has just been re-elected as GTE President during the GTE Plenary held on 21 November. By renewing this mandate, the GTE members confirmed their willingness and readiness to accelerate their mutual work in the areas proposed for ENTSOG. GTE members agreed also on the strengthening of its structure in the coming months with a view to establishing ENTSOG in the future.

Notes to Editors

GTE represents the interests of 34 Transmission System Operators in countries in Europe. GTE is one column of GIE, Gas Infrastructure Europe, the European association of the Transmission, Storage and LNG terminal Operators. GTE is committed to improving the regulatory and investment framework for transmission activities in order to help its members to continue providing secure, efficient and valuable transmission services to the market.


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