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The European biomethane map 2020 released by @European_Biogas (EBA) and @GIEBrussels has recorded a 51% uptake for biogas in Europe. We have compiled a list of the biggest biomethane plants in Europe. #biomethane #biogas #repowereu

Explaining how #hydrogen, #gas and #electricity markets are interrelated, in one slide.
A great picture, well done !@EFET_Europe

The value of #hydrogen #storage.
Coming @GIEBrussels study mentioned at #MadridForum

#H2 storages:
1) give additional value for #kickstarting hydrogen economy
2) avoid #curtailment in power system
3) make H2 #cheaper as production can take place, when power is cheap

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We are in pole position to strengthen EU security of supply. See how Decarbonising mobility with gas infrastructure? Learn about Bio-LNG’s role Gas infrastructure delivering climate neutrality
Discover our success stories
Together for a secure, efficient
& sustainable energy supply.
Together for a secure, efficient
& sustainable energy supply.
Together for a secure, efficient
& sustainable energy supply.
Together for a secure, efficient
& sustainable energy supply.

Dear decarbonisation leaders,

We represent the gas infrastructure operators of Europe (GIE): our members work on fostering a resilient, secure, affordable and sustainable energy system for EU citizens and industries. We work and innovate with transmission, underground storage, and LNG terminal facilities. In other words, we offer solutions to store and transport renewable and low-carbon molecules – including hydrogen, natural gas or biogas – in large volumes and over long distances. These activities represent around 50 000 jobs across Europe.

In these challenging times, the importance of the security of gas supply is being recalled to all of us. Even though decarbonisation, integration and innovation remain pivotal, the need to diversify the roads for energy supply is highlighted. That’s simply essential if we want to deliver climate and social objectives in the most sustainable and efficient way. Good news: gas infrastructure can do that. Adapted policy levers must now put in place to enable it to unveil its full potential, including a major diversification.

We offer valuable solutions to strengthen energy security in Europe. LNG facilities could contribute to import above 250 bcm of renewables and low-carbon molecules from all around Europe. Storages can store 110 BCM of gasses. Transmission could broaden gas flows from west to east. It would be the occasion to broaden Europe’s choice in terms of energy providers therefore accessing to enhance flexibility. New European investments in infrastructures would enable to strengthen further the security of supply by increasing market interconnection, import terminals, storage capacity, grid interoperability and flexibility for more low-carbon and renewable gases.

It is now time to act to enhance security of supply. And this is what our members are doing.

Kind regards,

Torben Brabo


Latest GIE headlines from Europe
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GIE Narrative on the Hydrogen and Gas Market Decarbonisation Package

GIE supports the European Commission’s objectives of improving the gas market framework and to decarbonise the gas system. However, there are some elements that could make the Hydrogen and Decarbonised […]

Towards 3000 TWh/year of imported energy: LNG terminals offer solutions for massive diversification of supply roads

The current crisis recalls how crucial fostering a secure and resilient energy system is to protect EU citizens and economies. Diversifying roads and sources of supply is essential: this is […]

Record-breaking year for biomethane production shows EBA/GIE Biomethane Map 2021

The biomethane industry smashed all records in 2021: Europe counts now with 1,023 production plants. Considering the decarbonisation potential of biomethane, this figure is a steppingstone for the decarbonisation of […]

Slide “To deliver the ultimate decarbonisation goal, a future-proof solution is needed. And the gas infrastructure remains a pillar component of such an action plan. Today, we are already teaming up with the wind and solar power generation. By doing so, we will massively contribute to accelerating the deployment of renewable hydrogen in the soon future thanks to our technical capacities and ability to innovate.” Boyana Achovski, GIE Secretary General

Slide “The existing gas infrastructure represents a valuable asset for the development of the hydrogen value chain within the EU.” Frans Timmermans - Executive Vice-President

Slide “Europe’s extensive gas infrastructure can be retrofitted and future proofed to one day transport hydrogen across the EU.” Kadri Simson – Commissioner Energy