Red tape & lack of proper infrastructure are the two main obstacles to #EconomicDevelopment. 

GIE Secretary General @AchovskiBoyana presented the role of the #GasInfrastructure in overcoming them and the policy levers at the 2024 #Mozambique Mining & Energy Conference (#MMEC).

📍Energy System Integration vs Sector Coupling: what are the differences?

📍How can #molecules provide flexibility to the energy system?

Find the answers in 2⃣ one-pagers!

📖#EnergySystemIntegration #SectorCoupling
#EnergyKnowledge #ClimateNeutrality

#EUSEW2024 | Don't miss ENZA webinar on May 14th. Highlights:
✅Benefits of #sectorintegration for a cost-efficient #energytransition ✅Accelerate renewables integration into our #energy system ✅Opportunities for EU industries to mitigate CO2 emissions

What are the benefits of Underground #HydrogenStorage (UHS) for society?
How can we unlock its full potential?

Our expert Carole Le Henaff answered those questions at @FlameConference:
✅#Energy resilience
✅The solutions:

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GIE is the European association of infrastructure operators for renewable, low-carbon, and natural gases including hydrogen and biomethane. They provide solutions to foster the security of supply in Europe while enhancing the decarbonisation of Europe’s economy.

GIE works hand in hand with policymakers to design a well-functioning policy framework for citizens to benefit from a secure, efficient, and sustainable energy supply. GIE is a trusted partner of European institutions, regulatory bodies, and industry representatives. Based in Brussels, the heart of European policymaking, it has 70 members from 25 countries operating transmission pipelines, underground storage, and LNG terminals, with an increasing focus on CCUS technologies.


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Energy System Integration vs Sector Coupling: What are the differences?

How can molecules provide flexibility to the energy system? Find the answers in two 1-pagers. Discover the fact-based summary of the most relevant information on gas, hydrogen, and electricity systems interlinkages […]

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-05 at 14.32.00_a717f3de
Urgent need for targeted policy intervention to fulfil European underground hydrogen storage needs

On 4 April 2024, the study was exclusively discussed during a high-level event organized by Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE).

cover ABC
Master the basics of underground gas storage

by reading this toolkit Underground gas storage is the first flexibility provider in Europe’s energy system today, creating market value, optimising gas and electricity system costs and ensuring the security of supply […]

AGSI and ALSI Transparency Platforms

GIE’s AGSI and ALSI Transparency Platforms provide inventory reporting in daily resolution for underground gas storages and large-scale LNG terminals. As a voluntary initiative by storage and LNG operators, it can […]