#GIEAnnualConference 2021 welcomed #energy leaders from various horizons.

Day 1 started strong with exclusive insights from #Switzerland🇨🇭 to Brussels 🇪🇺.
Gas infrastructure also presented its most exciting projects for #decarbonisation.


Last week, we were all #backtogether for #GIEAnnualConference 2021.
56 prestigious speakers took the floor.

We debated, learn a lot & had fun in the charming #Lucerne🇨🇭 That was simply #amazing.
Thank you all for making this 18th edition memorable.

This is how we take action to mitigate #methaneemissions👇
Read our joint declaration🔎https://bit.ly/3AXiIO6

Learn all about:
✅Key figures & facts
✅What is #OGMP 2.0?
✅What is the #Methane Guiding Principles initiative?
✅R&D projects
✅Tools & videos available

Hydrogen Talk at #GIEAnnualConference 2021🇪🇺

#Hydrogen Infrastructure in Europe needs to be developed from scratch, that's a crucial point discussed at @GIEBrussels Annual Conference. A. Wietfeld, #GSE President, reviewed market development in different regions with the experts.

#GIE21 sagt Danke für die anregenden Diskussionen in Luzern! Ákos Kriston, CEO at Hungarian #Gas Storage & György Berze from HEXUM Földgáz are delighted to welcome you in Budapest next April for #GIE22. Találkozunk Budapesten! #GIEBacktogether21

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GTE President



Harald Stindl    

GTE President
Managing Director – Gas Connect Austria

Since 2006 Dr. Harald Stindl is the Managing Director of Gas Connect Austria GmbH in Vienna. Before he was responsible for the regulated domestic transportation business as proxy. Earlier, in 2001, he had taken part in the successful legal unbundling of Gas Connect from OMV AG in the role as head of finance and controlling. From 2004 to 2006 he was in addition managing director of Central European Gas Hub GmbH.

Before joining OMV’s Natural Gas Division in 1999, Dr. Stindl was assigned to Munich from 1995 – 1997 (refining division) in the head office of OMV Deutschland as head of the financial department (proxy) and to London (OMV U.K. Ltd.) from 1992-1995 (E&P division) as Finance Director.

On the international side, Dr. Stindl is member of the ‘Fachverband Gas und Warme’ Committee, the highest body of the industry association ‘gas and heat.’. He also sits on TAG GmbH and AGGM supervisory boards.

Dr. Stindl was a member of the ENTSOG board since its foundation in 2009 for 4 ½ years, and at the same time also of the GTE EXCOM and the GIE board.

GTE Executive Commitee


Ralph Bahke



Piotr Kuś



Gaetano Mazzitelli

Snam Rete Gas


Jean-Marc Brimont



Chris Logue

National Grid


Erik Kolstø



Luis Ignacio Parada



Milan Sedláček



Michalis Thomadakis