The entire low-carbon fuels value chain asks for a clear and effective regulatory framework to support the uptake of #LowCarbon fuels in the EU.

Read the industry's position paper:, in view of the upcoming @EU_Commission Delegated Act ūüá™ūüáļ

Join Rogier Roobeek, from @DNV_Group, at our exclusive study launch event on the contribution of terminal operators to securing and greening energy for Europe. ūüĎČ

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Join Matthias Janssen, from @FrontierEcon, at our exclusive study launch event on the contribution of terminal operators to securing and greening energy for Europe. ūüĎČ

ūüóďÔłŹ Wednesday, 26 June 2024
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Join Anne-Sophie Corbeau, from @ColumbiaUEnergy, at our exclusive study launch event on the contribution of terminal operators to securing and greening energy for Europe. ūüĎČ

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Atri Biswal

Meet¬†#GIENextGen¬†Atri Biswal, tomorrow’s¬†energy¬†leader.

¬ęThe opportunity to nurture the future¬†of¬†hydrogen¬†is the most exciting feather that recently I added to my¬†international¬†hat.‚ÄĚ

Atri is Project Manager of International Business Development at Uniper. She joined the team last October and will focus on developing scalable and commercially viable business models for hydrogen across Uniper’s core international markets

¬ę¬†Renewable and low-carbon hydrogen is a powerful, diverse and ubiquitous element which shall create the biggest transition in the energy and gas market. And the marathon has already kicked off!¬†¬Ľ Atri added.

Fruzsina Pulai

Meet¬†#GIENextGen¬†Fruzsina Pulai, tomorrow‚Äôs¬†Energy¬†leaderūüĎá

She is Marketing Associate at Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. She joined the company in June 2018 as a sales intern. After graduating in February 2019, she became a marketing associate.

“The¬†energy¬†world offers a wide range of opportunities to develop professionally and meet new challenges. Gas infrastructure is part of that. Being part of Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd’s team enables me to follow the¬†hydrogen¬†revolution from the inside. And this is such a thrilling experience.

In fact, I am managing one of the most exciting initiatives for energy storage: the Aquamarine Project. It is hydrogen-based! Launched this year, it already shows promising results.

Energy¬†storage¬†will play a crucial role in achieving¬†climate¬†neutrality. It is so fulfilling to work on the development of the Aquamarine Project. It is one of the latest technologies available for¬†hydrogen¬†storage: it contributes to delivering the EU’s climate goals in reducing¬†CO2¬†emissions. I feel that I am the core of this energy revolution.”

Gabrielle Lelievre

Meet¬†#GIENextGen Gabrielle Lelievre, tomorrow’s¬†energyleader

‚ÄúTogether, we are designing a sustainable¬†world for tomorrow and I am grateful to be part of that inspiring ecosystem!” Gabrielle, GIE Communication Advisor.

‚ÄĚBeing a¬†Communication¬†Advisor¬†is about supporting bold creators in achieving their goals. We translate their¬†passion¬†to the world and it‚Äôs so exciting. My work in GIE is to bring together people sharing the same determination: make the¬†EU¬†Green¬†Deal¬†come true.

I believe that knowledge-sharing is key. It stimulates innovative thinking, problem-solving… It fuels our¬†creativity and makes scientific discoveries happen. And that‚Äôs why we work and innovate every day to set the EU on track towards¬†climate¬†neutrality¬†with¬†renewable¬†and¬†low-carbon molecules.‚ÄĚ

Gabrielle joined GIE¬†in 2020. Before that, she worked at the core of the EU institutions & discovered her passion for the energy sector with a 2ÔłŹ-year experience at the European Energy Forum.

She grew her knowledge in communication &¬†event¬†management¬†by spending almost 4ÔłŹ years at¬†the European¬†VW Fun¬†Cup¬†and by studying with comms experts from all around Europe¬†(ECS¬†Brussels,¬†University¬†College¬†Cork¬†and ISCOM).

Niamh Gillen

Meet¬†#GIENextGen, Niamh Gillen, tomorrow’s energy leader.

‚ÄúRealising the¬†EU¬†Green¬†Deal¬†is key. I work as part of a team¬†focused on the development¬†of¬†biomethane¬†as one solution to decarbonising the network¬†and delivering on¬†climate¬†emissions‚Äô targets. Our ultimate goal is to establish a clean, renewable and sustainable energy future for all.‚ÄĚ Niamh Gillen¬†stated.

Niamh works as an Innovation Engineer at Gas Networks Ireland. A geologist by training, Niamh’s work is focused on developing innovative technologies related to renewable and low-carbon gases, including hydrogen. Her work also considers technologies that aim to decarbonise our economy by 2050 such as CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) or CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) for transport.

Niamh was recently recognised as ‚Äúthe best and¬†brightest¬†young industry talent‚ÄĚ in¬†Ireland, at the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers‚Äô (IGEM) Young Professionals Competition in October, for her entry on decarbonising Ireland‚Äôs gas network. She goes on to present at the final in December with her paper published in IGEM‚Äôs journal and Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) wishes her all the best with that.

Niamh is also currently studying for a Master in Project Management to manage decarbonisation projects in the future.

Mathilde Blanchard

Meet #GIENextGen Mathilde Blanchard, tomorrow’s energyleader.

‚ÄúEnhancing Europe‚Äôs strategic leadership in¬†hydrogen¬†is not an option. And we¬†ūüá™ūüáļ¬†have the potential to do so!

By repurposing our existing pipelines, underground storages & import terminals, we can lead the way on:
–¬†the energy transition,
–¬†global competitiveness
–¬†economic resilience.

3ÔłŹ principles that we have been sharing within¬†GIE.‚ÄĚ

Mathilde joined GIE in November 2019 as Policy Advisor. In GIE team, she coordinates the Storage Column, the Disruptive Energy Area & the Prime Movers Group on guarantees of origin GOs.

Earlier in her career, she was part of the external relation department of engie, a leading global company in low-carbon energy & services.

Prior to that, she worked at the Delegation of the European Union to Congo on various subjects ranging from the certification of wood products to forest governance.

‚ÄúAfter studying European affairs in France and the United Kingdom, I decided to specialise in energy-related topics. It is a fascinating and rapidly-evolving field which concerns all of us.”

Diana Fathelbajanova

Meet¬†#GIENextGen, Diana Fathelbajanova, tomorrow’s¬†energy¬†leader.

“It is fascinating to see how fast the¬†energy¬†landscape is evolving. The technologies we develop today are a crucial lever for the¬†decarbonisation¬†of the future energy system.” Diana explains.

“I started in the gas sector while studying at university. My internship at¬†IncŐĆukalns¬†Underground¬†Gas¬†Storage¬†enabled me to learn the technical side of¬†gas¬†storage¬†and transmission.

Now, I am the Coordinator of the Gas Market Development at¬†Conexus¬†Baltic¬†Grid.” She adds.

Diana has led gas consumption forecasting in the long and short-term. She also applied market model development in Latvia, focusing on a united Baltic and Finnish market.


Louise Hansen

Meet¬†#GIENextGen, Louise Hansen, tomorrow’s energy leader.

Louise is the adviser for GasSystem Innovation at Energinet.
“It’s fascinating to see how the commercial solutions that we develop today have the potential to shape the sustainable world of the future. We can also see they are playing a crucial part in enhancing the EU recovery.

Power-to-X and system integration hold significant promises to fasten the¬†energytransition. They will set new standards for collaboration between ūüá™ūüáļregions, sectors and¬†energy sources while allowing¬†innovativebusiness¬†models to develop.‚ÄĚ

Louise joined Energinet in 2020. MSc #InternationalBusiness and Politics from Copenhagen BusinessSchool (@cbscph).

Tobias BuŐąhnen

Meet¬†#GIENextGen, Tobias BuŐąhnen, tomorrow’s¬†energy¬†leader.

We are delighted to present you tobi_buehnen who joined GIE Team yesterday! He will be our new Policy Advisor. Welcome on-board Tobias!

¬ę I joined¬†ONTRAS¬†in July 2020,¬†where I was engaged in European energy affairs. The cooperation with GIE has always been a central part of my work at ONTRAS and I¬†look¬†forward to getting more deeply involved in GIE‚Äôs activities.¬†¬Ľ Tobias explains.

Today, the¬†gas¬†infrastructure¬†is well equipped to support the¬†EU¬†in delivering its energy and¬†climate¬†goals and aims¬†to further innovate. Our mission is to foster sector integration while integrate low-carbon and renewable molecules, including¬†Hydrogen¬†in our energy system.‚ÄĚ Tobias stated.

Tobias studied Economics at the University of Cologne & European Studies at Maastricht University. He completed courses in energy policy and energy economics and dedicated his Master Thesis to the consequences of the Nord Stream 2 project on the coherence in the European Union.

Previous to that, Tobias did several internships, among them one at the state chancellery of North-Rhine Westphalia, where he gained valuable experience on how to cooperate and coordinate with #European partners.

Christoph Putz

Meet¬†#GIENextGen¬†Christoph Putz, tomorrow‚Äôs¬†#energyleader¬†ūüĎá
He works in the project department as #teamleader for electrical engineering & instrumentation.

“I follow a very exciting project which is about a grid-serving #P2G sector transformer: it converts excess #windenergy from the power grid into #renewablehydrogen through a 50 MW electrolysis plant.

In my work, I focus on H2 blending and deblending. I find solution to adapt today’s¬†#naturalgas¬†grid into a¬†#hydrogen-compatible¬†#gasinfrastructure.

#Renewable #H2 will be an important part of the #energytransition. These promising molecules can be stored in the long term via underground gas storage & transmitted efficiently over long distances via our pipelines.

The central¬†#European¬†transit network of Gas Connect Austria will play an important role in the decarbonised future for cross-border energy supply.‚ÄĚ

Estela Vilches

Meet¬†#GIENextGen¬†Estela Vilches, tomorrow‚Äôs¬†energy¬†leader¬†ūüĎá

A chemical engineer with 10 years of experience in the international energy industry, she joined EnagaŐĀs in 2011 and currently is Open Innovation & Corporate Venturing Coordinator in the company‚Äôs corporate venturing EnagaŐĀs Emprende.

Estela highlights: “Europe has the talent to face and the potential to lead the Energy Transition. Public-private collaboration and companies joining forces with startups will enable us to address this sustainable challenge in the most competitive way.

Boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in the industry will let us move faster and overcome our own limits, testing solutions and implementing them quickly. It is amazing how entrepreneurs effortlessly solve problems, it’s part of their DNA. You know they will find the right answer eventually.

I feel very lucky and proud of my mission: helping entrepreneurs to accelerate their new business projects towards¬†decarbonisation¬†based on¬†Renewable¬†Energies‚ÄĚ

Estela is also an entrepreneur and co-founder of an energy startup, Sercomgas, launched thanks to EnagaŐĀs‚Äô intrapreneurship initiative¬†Ingenia¬†Energy¬†Challenge.