The role of #gasstorage is expected to be even more pronounced due to the higher penetration of intermittent energy sources & more electrification into our #energy system. With this study, we wanted to look into more details and raise awareness "
Dr Axel Wietfeld, #GSE President

"The #data we collect & make available for further analyses is the latest & most accurate from the industry. We will continue to deliver the right & most #reliable figures in support for the best decisions.”
Francisco de la Flor, #GIE System Operations & Development Area Sponsor

πŸ“£Our new #study is out!
Dive into the vision paper & map to learn more about underground #gasstorage's value to the European #hydrogen system.
Discover their key role in establishing an integrated #energy system & #H2 economy by 2050 here:

The Citizens Energy Congress virtual will open on Tuesday 15th June to welcome thousands of energy transition virtual attendees, from industry, government and civil society, to debate the difficult questions at the heart of the energy transition.


"Let's look at #LNGterminals and low-carbon & #renewable fuels: they have a major role to play in decarbonising #transport! The good thing ➑️the infrastructure we use today for #LNG can be easily used tomorrow for #bioLNG & #syntheticLNG." @AbelDavEnriquez, @enagas


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How to transport and store hydrogen? Facts and figures – Report by ENTSOG, GIE and Hydrogen Europe

Decarbonisation in Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe:

How gas infrastructure can contribute to meet EU’s long-term decarbonisation objectives

Download Published Size Type
Executive Summary 2021/04/21 1.76 MB PDF
Report 2021/04/21 3.21 MB PDF

The European gas infrastructure can help deliver the EU Hydrogen Strategy

Download Published Size Type
EU Hydrogen Strategy 2021/03/24 3.61 MB PDF

BioLNG in Transport: Making Climate Neutrality a Reality

Potential ways the gas industry can contribute to the reduction of methane emissions

Download Published Size Type
Brochure Methane Emissions spreads - Summary 2019/10/22 4.51 MB PDF
Brochure Methane Emissions spreads 2019/10/22 15.58 MB PDF

The case for (small-scale) LNG in Europe:

LNG as the fuel of choice for road and marine transportation

Download Published Size Type
GIE SSLNG Brochure 2019 2021/05/22 3.69 MB PDF

Methane emissions – a message from the natural gas infrastructure operators

Download Published Size Type
Methane emissions 2018/09/22 2.27 MB PDF

Towards the Paris Agreement with Gas Infrastructure

Download Published Size Type
Towards the Paris Agreement 2018/03/22 9.57 MB PDF

Towards a sustainable future for gas transmission networks

Download Published Size Type
Towards a sustainable future 2018/03/22 3.05 MB PDF

The benefits and role of LNG in EuropeProviding Europe’s Energy Today and in the Future

Download Published Size Type
The Benefits and Role of LNG in Europe 2018/01/22 9.67 MB PDF

Security Risk Assessment Methodology

Download Published Size Type
Security Risk Assessment Methodology 2015/05/22 4.55 MB PDF

The value of gas storage

Download Published Size Type
The value of gas storage 2015/05/22 8.93 MB PDF

Investments in Infrastructure in Europe

Download Published Size Type
Investments in Infrastructure in Europe 2015/05/22 4.33 MB PDF