Flexibility options will be key to implementing the #Fitfor55 package.
Here is the latest GIE #StorageMap & Storage Database. They give an overview of the existing, under dev & planned underground #gasstorage sites in #Europe.
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Switch from coal-to-gas-to-#H2 is a key lever for #decarbonisation. #Gasinfrastructure is #Fitfor55 & substantially support the EU regions in this exciting shift.

πŸ“Meet Piotr KuΕ›, GIE Board member & #CH4 Area Sponsor and see what's coming up!


.#Gasinfrastructure stands ready for making #fitfor55 happen!

πŸ“ Meet Camille Bonenfant-Jeanneney, #GIE Board Member & GIE #DisruptiveEnergy Area Sponsor & discover how GIE members take action for #decarbonisation today, lookπŸ‘‡

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Collaboration is key to deliver the #fitfor55 package's objectives! And #Gasinfrastructure has a crucial role to play ⬇

πŸ“ Get in conversation with Francisco de la Flor, #GIE Board member & #SystemOperation & Development Area Sponsor to see howπŸ‘‡


#Gasinfrastructure is #fitfor55. It will ensure a resilient #securityofsupply by integrating large volumes of #renewable & #lowcarbon molecules inc. #hydrogen

πŸ“ Listen to Ralph Bahke, GIE Board member & #NewGases Area SponsorπŸ‘‡


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How to transport and store hydrogen? Facts and figures – Report by ENTSOG, GIE and Hydrogen Europe

Decarbonisation in Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe:

How gas infrastructure can contribute to meet EU’s long-term decarbonisation objectives

Download Published Size Type
Executive Summary 2021/04/21 1.76 MB PDF
Report 2021/04/21 3.21 MB PDF

The European gas infrastructure can help deliver the EU Hydrogen Strategy

Download Published Size Type
EU Hydrogen Strategy 2021/03/24 3.61 MB PDF

BioLNG in Transport: Making Climate Neutrality a Reality

Potential ways the gas industry can contribute to the reduction of methane emissions

Download Published Size Type
Brochure Methane Emissions spreads - Summary 2019/10/22 4.51 MB PDF
Brochure Methane Emissions spreads 2019/10/22 15.58 MB PDF

The case for (small-scale) LNG in Europe:

LNG as the fuel of choice for road and marine transportation

Download Published Size Type
GIE SSLNG Brochure 2019 2021/05/22 3.69 MB PDF

Methane emissions – a message from the natural gas infrastructure operators

Download Published Size Type
Methane emissions 2018/09/22 2.27 MB PDF

Towards the Paris Agreement with Gas Infrastructure

Download Published Size Type
Towards the Paris Agreement 2018/03/22 9.57 MB PDF

Towards a sustainable future for gas transmission networks

Download Published Size Type
Towards a sustainable future 2018/03/22 3.05 MB PDF

The benefits and role of LNG in EuropeProviding Europe’s Energy Today and in the Future

Download Published Size Type
The Benefits and Role of LNG in Europe 2018/01/22 9.67 MB PDF

Security Risk Assessment Methodology

Download Published Size Type
Security Risk Assessment Methodology 2015/05/22 4.55 MB PDF

The value of gas storage

Download Published Size Type
The value of gas storage 2015/05/22 8.93 MB PDF

Investments in Infrastructure in Europe

Download Published Size Type
Investments in Infrastructure in Europe 2015/05/22 4.33 MB PDF