Czech-German Hydrogen Interconnector (CGHI)

By: GASCADE (German gas TSO), NET4GAS (Czech gas TSO) and OGE (German gas TSO).

The Czech-German Hydrogen Interconnector (CGHI) initiative is to create a hydrogen interconnector to connect high potential hydrogen supply areas in Northern Germany and Baltics with expected high demand clusters in the EU (predominantly in South Germany and North Bohemia). Additionally, it will also enable connection of local suppliers and consumers along the corridor.

The project is promoted by three gas TSOs: GASCADE (German gas TSO), NET4GAS (Czech gas TSO) and OGE (German gas TSO).

The currently ongoing pre-feasibility study indicates that the whole pipeline stretch of 1,068 km can be repurposed for transmission of 100% hydrogen. The project aims to be operational by 2030, with later target transport capacity of up to 144GWh of hydrogen per day or 1.5 million tonnes per year.

The project could make a significant contribution to REPowerEU’s target of importing 10 million tonnes of green hydrogen into the EU by 2030.

The CGHI initiative is open for cooperation with hydrogen producers, large hydrogen consumers and other gas infrastructure companies to help facilitate the production and consumption of hydrogen in Central Europe.