Green Hydrogen Hub Denmark

Green Hydrogen Hub Denmark is a large-scale hydrogen hub project that aims to support Denmark’s and Europe’s green transition with unlimited green energy – for everyone.

The project is based on the philosophy of a shared business model approach from where the three partners, Danish Eurowind Energy, Dutch head-quartered Corre Energy and Danish state-owned Gas Storage Denmark, work in maturing the project. With this, they cover all aspects of a complete value chain from a renewable energy and hydrogen producer to hydrogen storage and hydrogen customer.

Green Hydrogen Hub Denmark ensures unlimited green energy by securing and storing renewable energy when the sun shines and the wind blows. Green energy available – on demand.

The ambition is to establish a complete Power-to-X value chain by 2025 comprising of a 350MW electrolysis plant, 200,000 MWh large-scale hydrogen storage and a number of industrial hydrogen customers, including a 320MW Compressed-Air-Energy-Storage (CAES) facility.

With the final link of the value chain this first generation hydrogen value chain can reconvert the green hydrogen to green electricity. By combining large-scale hydrogen storage and daily storage in CAES, consumers can be provided with 100% green electricity 24-7, all year around. In other words, this one project will be able to balance an annual electricity consumption compared to that of 280,000 households.

On top of that, the project can contribute to the European green transition by potentially displacing 600,000 ton CO2 per year.

Green Hydrogen Hub Denmark is planned to be located in the central part of Jutland, Denmark. Here, it can become a third industry cluster within hydrogen production. The first cluster, Hydrogen Valley, is situated in Hobro and has since 2002 gained great knowledge of green hydrogen. The same applies for GeenLab Skive, which has primarily worked on the production of hydrogen from renewable sources.