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Join GIE Secretary General @AchovskiBoyana at #TOGC2023 to understand EU #gas infrastructure's strategy to fasten the transition.

When? 21 Feb, 9h30-9h40
Where? Turkey


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When? 15-16 June 2023
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🇫🇷 GIE had the pleasure of welcoming the Delegation from Ecole d’histoire de la Sorbonne to bring some light on what it really means!


A warm welcome to #Sweden 🇸🇪, which took over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union 🇪🇺 in the first six months of 2023. #Gasinfrastructure stands ready to help you deliver your objectives.


"Multiple points of view should be considered to ensure an efficient & #sustainable transitional process” Learn why #climate & #diversity are intersecting emergencies with @TorbenBrabo. 

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Introducing green innovation to Greece

DESFA’s Biomethane Pilot Project

Biomethane is a promising solution in meeting the challenge of transitioning to a green energy system at affordable cost, while at the same time maintaining high energy security. DESFA, committed to its strategic goal to explore solutions that combine environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art solutions that mitigate its carbon and methane emissions footprint, considers developing a pilot biomethane production and grid injection plan, with the scope to turn waste into biomethane to be used for its own consumption requirements (for instance the existing and the new compressor stations), while also inject any surplus to the existing national natural gas grid. To this end DESFA is collaborating with leading waste management and biogas development companies, Polyeco and Ergoplanning, respectively.

DESFA’s synergy with the two companies concerns the entire biomethane value chain, from a large waste portfolio that will allow the continuous supply of the plant, to the installation, operation and management of the plant and the final extraction of the green gas for consumption within the existing natural gas network.

Based on the characteristics of the waste mix used, the plant will be based on the technology of liquid anaerobic digestion.

Another innovation of the project concerns the capturing of CO2 either using methanation along with the deployment of an electrolyzer for the production of green H2 or alternatively its purification to bio-CO2 to be marketed to various industries.