Hydrogen Talk at #GIEAnnualConference 2021ūüá™ūüáļ

#Hydrogen Infrastructure in Europe needs to be developed from scratch, that's a crucial point discussed at @GIEBrussels Annual Conference. A. Wietfeld, #GSE President, reviewed market development in different regions with the experts.

#GIE21 sagt Danke f√ľr die anregenden Diskussionen in Luzern! √Ākos Kriston, CEO at Hungarian #Gas Storage & Gy√∂rgy Berze from HEXUM F√∂ldg√°z are delighted to welcome you in Budapest next April for #GIE22. Tal√°lkozunk Budapesten! #GIEBacktogether21

Last but not least, let¬īs talk about #decarbonisation of transport! Arno B√ľx from @FluxysGroup is leading the discussion onsite. #GIEBacktogether21 #GIE21

Nice to be #backtogether. #Hydrogen is the main topic at the @GIE Annual Conference. All parties agree that innovation will play a key role. #GASCADE can only agree and contributes with its offshore hydrogen project AquaDuctus and the Eastern German hydrogen hub #doinghydrogen.


#Hydrogen at #GIE21: Green, blue or turquoise?
Now live discussion with Anne-Sophie Corbeau from @ColumbiaUEnergy, Niko Bosnjak from #EuropeanHydrogenBackbone, Peter Claes from @IFIEC_Europe, @wgroenendijk from Gate Terminal & Vittorio Musazzi from H2GAR #GIEBacktogether21

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Aquilon: an innovative energy solution project

by Storengy Deutschland GmbH, in collaboration with ENGIE Laborelec


Storengy Deutschland: EU’s small-scale Innovation Fund preparing grant for innovative energy solution project at German gas storage facility

Berlin, 29 July 2021. Storengy Deutschland GmbH, in collaboration with ENGIE Laborelec, has been selected for the European Union’s Innovation Fund programme for small-scale projects for its innovative renewable energy solution. The Aquilon project is an integrated solution that combines wind energy, solar energy and redox flow battery storage at the Peckensen natural gas storage facility (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany).

Innovative solution
The idea behind the project is as follows: instead of using conventional wind turbines, energy is generated using an efficient, innovative and safe kite, also called Airborne Wind Energy (AWE). This will enable the storage facility’s electricity needs to be partially met by renewable energy in future.

‚ÄúA kite can harness the wind at much higher altitudes than a conventional turbine. In the higher layers of the air, the wind force tends to be stronger and more constant, meaning that more renewable electricity can be generated,‚ÄĚ says¬†Christophe Merlo, Business Development Manager and Project Lead¬†at Storengy Deutschland.

This integrated solution combines renewable energy generation (wind and solar) with a redox flow battery storage system. This therefore generates a flat and even energy profile to operate the natural gas storage system with the help of an intelligent management system.



An important contribution to climate neutrality
Aquilon can avoid 100 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional technologies and thus makes an important contribution to climate neutrality. Thanks to this solution, 1 GWh of electricity will be produced at the storage facility. This could supply 250 households with electricity for a year. AWE turbines also require only a fraction of the material of conventional wind energy systems. This reduces investment costs and has a positive impact on environmental compatibility.

‚ÄúThanks to their less complex installation and maintenance, they can be used almost anywhere, they have little impact on nature and are more efficient. Compared with conventional wind turbines measuring up to 200 metres in height, the kites can be easily maintained on the ground,‚ÄĚ confirms¬†Christophe Merlo.

Next steps
The European Union is investing ‚ā¨118 million¬†into¬†32 small innovative projects located in 14 EU Member States, Iceland and Norway to¬†decarbonize¬†the economy. The grants will support projects aiming to bring low-carbon technologies to the market in energy¬†intensive industries,¬†hydrogen, energy storage and renewable energy.¬†Successful projects under the call¬†for small-scale projects are starting to¬†prepare¬†individual grant agreements.¬†These should¬†be¬†finalised¬†in the fourth quarter of 2021, allowing¬†the European Commission¬†to¬†adopt the corresponding grant award decision and start disbursing the grants. Projects have up to four years to reach financial closure.

About Storengy
Storengy Deutschland is one of the largest natural gas storage companies in Germany. It is a subsidiary of Storengy SAS, which bundles the ENGIE group’s global gas storage activities. Storengy is the market leader for storage services in Europe. The company’s core business includes the planning, construction and operation of storage facilities and the marketing of gas storage capacities. Storengy Deutschland GmbH operates six gas storage facilities across Germany and markets their gas storage capacity. Storengy Deutschland Betrieb GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Storengy Deutschland GmbH, implements the technical operation of the gas storage facilities and also provides services (operation and maintenance) for third-party facilities. A central control room in Hanover ensures the remote operation of technical facilities. The company’s headquarters are based in Berlin. As an innovative partner for the zero carbon transition, Storengy provides its expertise to numerous partners worldwide to develop geothermal projects (heat and power production) as well as energy storage and power-to-X solutions.

About ENGIE Laborelec
ENGIE Laborelec¬†is a leading expertise and research¬†centre in¬†electrical power technology. Drawing on the skills of 280 highly¬†specialized¬†engineers and technicians, the company is active¬†on¬†the¬†whole¬†electricity value chain and¬†backs¬†a¬†large set¬†of¬†customers¬†in the¬†fields of¬†generation, transmission, distribution, storage and final use, with a particular focus¬†upon¬†the energy transition and the 3 D‚Äôs ‚Ästdecentralisation, decarbonisation¬†and¬†digitalisation.