#GIEAnnualConference 2021 welcomed #energy leaders from various horizons.

Day 1 started strong with exclusive insights from #Switzerland🇨🇭 to Brussels 🇪🇺.
Gas infrastructure also presented its most exciting projects for #decarbonisation.


Last week, we were all #backtogether for #GIEAnnualConference 2021.
56 prestigious speakers took the floor.

We debated, learn a lot & had fun in the charming #Lucerne🇨🇭 That was simply #amazing.
Thank you all for making this 18th edition memorable.

This is how we take action to mitigate #methaneemissions👇
Read our joint declaration🔎https://bit.ly/3AXiIO6

Learn all about:
✅Key figures & facts
✅What is #OGMP 2.0?
✅What is the #Methane Guiding Principles initiative?
✅R&D projects
✅Tools & videos available

Hydrogen Talk at #GIEAnnualConference 2021🇪🇺

#Hydrogen Infrastructure in Europe needs to be developed from scratch, that's a crucial point discussed at @GIEBrussels Annual Conference. A. Wietfeld, #GSE President, reviewed market development in different regions with the experts.

#GIE21 sagt Danke für die anregenden Diskussionen in Luzern! Ákos Kriston, CEO at Hungarian #Gas Storage & György Berze from HEXUM Földgáz are delighted to welcome you in Budapest next April for #GIE22. Találkozunk Budapesten! #GIEBacktogether21

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#GIEnergy Days

From 19th to 21st May 2021, get your shot of the latest energy news and learn all about the policy recommendations and gas infrastructure innovations that will help deliver EU Green Deal’s goal. 4 policy sessions on dedicated topics, each of them accompanied by respective Innovative Labs that bring into the spotlight ready-for-climate-neutrality projects of the gas infrastructure operators.

Webinar | Methane emissions management and reduction

The key role of the gas infrastructure and the US and EU future perspectives Methane emissions reduction is a crucial issue to address to reach a net-zero future by 2050 and to ensure that natural gas will continue playing a role in the future energy mix. As part of the EU Green Deal, the European […]

What legislation for long-term energy storage?

As making the best use of underground storages should be a policy priority to enhance decarbonisation and strengthen our energy system, GIE is pleased to invite you to its workshop on “What legislation for long-term energy storage?” taking place on Monday, 18th January 2021, 10.30 – 12.30 CET. On the road towards carbon neutrality, energy […]

ETCSEE Conference

Prague, Czech Republic Prague

Speaker : Boyana Achovski, GIE Secretary General in the panel “Role of the European Gas infrastructure to decarbonization” from 14:40 to 15:30 Link to the website : http://www.energytradingcsee.com/ Registration link : http://www.energytradingcsee.com/Registrations/Step1/77011

GIE General Assembly Workshop

On 3 November 2020, GIE organised a Workshop following its General Assembly. The session offered dynamic debates by welcoming European policymakers and other energy leaders. The video recording of the event is available now at: https://vimeo.com/475530937 Please find below the agenda of the event: - Opening remarks by the European Parliament & European Commission MEP […]

FLAME Virtual Conference

“The 2020 agenda places the role of gas firmly in the context of the broader climate debate, and brings the technologies needed to decarbonise the gas system into focus, including power-to-gas, blue hydrogen, biomethane and CCUS. Decarbonisation will be the main theme of the second day of the conference, with presentations and panel discussions on […]

European Hydrogen Markets Virtual Conference (online)

“Hydrogen is increasingly attracting interest from investors, policymakers and energy market participants as a potential new clean fuel for transportation and a lower-carbon substitute for use in industrial, long haul trucking, shipping, commercial and residential sectors. Today, Hydrogen production is almost entirely supplied by natural gas and coal, this needs to change to meet plans […]

European Gas & LNG Virtual Conference (online)

“European gas prices have started to bounce back from their record lows in May, which were triggered by the global gas glut and coronavirus-induced weak demand, but the price recovery remains under threat from sky-high gas stocks and the risk of LNG coming back strongly into the European market in the coming months. At a […]

The future role of LNG in Europe (Online)

LNG terminals are expected to play a crucial role in decarbonising the European Union. Join the online discussion organised by The Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) and learn more about their abilities and potential in enhancing the energy transition. What are the global perspectives for LNG? What are the expected trends for the LNG market? […]

BBSPA Annual Conference

Hotel Marriott, Vienna Parkring 12A, Vienna

“A fast and cost-efficient transition to a decarbonised society is possible if all available technologies and resources are taken into consideration. GIE believes that hydrogen and the gas infrastructure have a key role to play in achieving full decarbonisation of energy supply in all sectors by 2050.” Speaker : Boyana Achovski, GIE Secretary General in […]

Financing Powerfuels Pathways Conference

The Global Alliance Powerfuels works towards the development of a global market for powerfuels, including hydrogen. This year’s Powerfuels Conference on the 9th September 2020 will bring together professionals in finance, business practitioners, researchers and policy experts to discuss and define the next steps towards a meaningful market development. Therefore the conference focus on "Financing Powerfuels Pathways". During the […]