📍“In order to maintain #securityofsupply, a sufficient level of #gasstorage capacity must be maintained in a coordinated manner”.

That’s what @schmoltzer, GIE Value of Storage WG chair, highlighted at the #IPS2023 in Milan.

Read 👉 https://lnkd.in/eCFpKUfx

@ThTrouve @FrancegazFR Presenting on behalf of @GIEBrussels and our French members 🇫🇷
@GRTgaz - @Teregacontact
@Storengy - @Elengy

As natural gas demand decreased by 8% y to y in the OECD, #TimGould put the attention to the evolution of Chinese gas demand 📈 and its impact on #LNG markets and wholesale #prices, especially as Europe is going to be more and more exposed to spot prices.

@wavestoneFR @Energy4Europe @MWorsdorfer @csikow @AdinaRevol Last year the EU understood the importance and value of the underground gas #storage while 5 years ago the assets were seen by many as stranded assets, said @TorbenBrabo.
Storage have never been fulfill at this level so early.

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Decarbonisation in Central & South-Eastern Europe: GIE and Deloitte publish the 2nd edition of the report

November 16, 2022

National Assembly of Bulgaria, Sofia

National Assembly of Bulgaria, Sofia

Achieving a carbon-neutral economy by 2050 – as emphasised in the EU Green Deal – requires considerable efforts and involvement of all EU member states.

The Central & South-Eastern Europe Decarbonisation Report outlines the status of the energy transition in Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. The 2022 edition of this annual report has been completely revised and updated and now includes up-to-date information on all 14 EU Member States from the region – Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.


By downloading the publication here, you will get:

  • A comparative analysis of the national energy markets in the region;
  • The key energy market figures of each of the 14 Member States;
  • The current emissions and emissions target figures of the Member States;
  • The main decarbonisation challenges and strategies of the Member States.


The report is based on publicly available data and is divided into two main parts.

Part II presents a high-level regional comparative analysis of energy mix and decarbonisation progress in various sectors of the national economies in the CEE/SEE region, including a sectoral overview of GHG emissions. Part II also includes specific information about the role of gases (hydrogen and biomethane) in the energy transition in the CEE/SEE region.

Part III includes key energy market figures, emissions figures, and the decarbonisation strategy for each EU member state in the region in separate country sheets in an easy-to-read format and alphabetical order. The country sheets also include a section with information regarding the role of natural gas, hydrogen and biomethane.

“Decarbonisation is key to meeting the ambitious emissions targets of the European Union, and many insightful studies are published addressing this topic every year. However, very few studies focus on decarbonisation efforts in Central and South-Eastern Europe. By publishing the Central & South-Eastern Europe Decarbonisation Report (2022 edition), GIE and Deloitte want to improve this geographical imbalance and provide comprehensive and easy-to-read information about the current decarbonisation challenges and strategies of the 14 EU member states in this region. Our hope is that this report will serve as a valuable information source for all stakeholders interested in reducing the emissions in this specific region.”
Erik Kolstø, GIE Board Member

GIE CEE-SEE Decarbonisation Report 2022

Who is GIE


Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) is the association representing the interests of European gas infrastructure operators. GIE members operate Europe’s renewable and low-carbon gas transmission, storage and LNG regasification terminals. It gathers 68 industry entities from 27 countries that embody multiple decarbonisation pathways of the EU regions. GIE’s vision is that by 2050, the gas infrastructure will be the backbone of the new innovative energy system, allowing European citizens and industries to benefit from a secure, efficient and sustainable energy supply.

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