Time to talk about #EnergyEmergency & how to protect the EU & the region👇
On 7 Dec, join @RCaliminte, GIE Deputy Secretary General, at @Eurogas #ARCCzechia Conference to learn more about the #EnergyTransition & the role of gas infrastructure in the 🇨🇿


24/11/22: #EnergyCouncil agreed on a regulation aiming at enhancing #solidarity via better coordination of #gas purchases, exchanges of gas across borders& reliable price benchmarks enhancing.

#EnergyTransparency is an essential part of the 🧩. GIE is a pivotal partner.

💡A “bottom-up” approach to decarbonising #buildings can lead to carbon neutrality, empowering consumers, energy communities, local authorities & suppliers.

So with the buildings sector & small- & medium-sized businesses, we've released a new joint paper: http://bit.ly/3ATLF0u

🗓️@MARCOGAZ, together with @Ener_Community and @GIEBrussels, are pleased to organise the 7th 2022 Monthly #Methane #Monday webinar next week, on 28th November from 14:30-15:30, this time on #MIST- support to #gas system operators to combat #methane #emissions.🏭

Interested in a regional analysis of the status of #decarbonisation in Central & South Eastern #Europe? Here you go👇


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System Development Map

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System Development Map #2020-2021 2021/12/23 8.10 MB PDF


The System Development Map 2020 / 2021 presents existing gas infrastructure and capacity information for 2021. Data presented in the capacity matrix were obtained from the ENTSOG Transmission Capacity Map 2021 and ENTSOG Transparency Platform, adapted and approved by gas TSOs on 1 December 2021.

The 2020 / 2021 historical data on gas demand and supply are presented aggregated in the form of charts (using data during summer 2020 and winter 2020/2021 to allow the analysis of gas storage usage) – these data are available in the ENTSOG Summer and Winter Outlook Review Reports.

Information regarding the gas storage fill rate was obtained from GIE AGSI+.

The Country Profiles include demand data that represent actual country demand for the days/periods shown, storage and LNG capacities according to the interconnection to the country’s transmission system, and installed gas-fired power generation capacity (additional data sources: GSE 2021 Storage Map (including necessary updates), GLE 2019 LNG Map and ENTSO-E Transparency Platform). The gas production data reflects the maximum deliverability achieved. All data provided in the map are for information purposes, should be treated as indicative only, and should not be used for commercial purposes.

The map series aims at providing a compact and regular overview of existing gas infrastructure and outlook for its development as well as of actual supply and demand situation at both the European and national level from the perspective of a respective year. It aims at establishing an easy reference for such information and at mapping trends and their development over time. As such it contributes to enhanced transparency of the gas market.

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