#GIEAnnualConference 2021 welcomed #energy leaders from various horizons.

Day 1 started strong with exclusive insights from #Switzerland🇨🇭 to Brussels 🇪🇺.
Gas infrastructure also presented its most exciting projects for #decarbonisation.


Last week, we were all #backtogether for #GIEAnnualConference 2021.
56 prestigious speakers took the floor.

We debated, learn a lot & had fun in the charming #Lucerne🇨🇭 That was simply #amazing.
Thank you all for making this 18th edition memorable.

This is how we take action to mitigate #methaneemissions👇
Read our joint declaration🔎https://bit.ly/3AXiIO6

Learn all about:
✅Key figures & facts
✅What is #OGMP 2.0?
✅What is the #Methane Guiding Principles initiative?
✅R&D projects
✅Tools & videos available

Hydrogen Talk at #GIEAnnualConference 2021🇪🇺

#Hydrogen Infrastructure in Europe needs to be developed from scratch, that's a crucial point discussed at @GIEBrussels Annual Conference. A. Wietfeld, #GSE President, reviewed market development in different regions with the experts.

#GIE21 sagt Danke für die anregenden Diskussionen in Luzern! Ákos Kriston, CEO at Hungarian #Gas Storage & György Berze from HEXUM Földgáz are delighted to welcome you in Budapest next April for #GIE22. Találkozunk Budapesten! #GIEBacktogether21

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Best wishes to Stephan Kamphues for his retirement


Our dear colleague Stephan Kamphues leaves the gas infrastructure industry for a happy retirement. Stephan is a highly respected character of the energy sector and substantially contributed to shaping the EU gas market over the last decade. He is a charismatic leader who will be remembered for his tremendous expertise, openness and endless energy. He was part of Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) board since 2009 and held the role of President of Gas Transmission Europe (GTE) from 2009 to 2019. In parallel, he was ENTSOG president since its inception in 2009. GIE wishes a warm welcome to his successor as ENTSOG President, Bart Jan Hoevers from Gasunie Transport Services B.V..


Congratulations once again to Bart Jan Hoevers for starting his new position. Stephan, we applaud you for those 10 years of achievements in the energy sector. Your innovative thinking and exceptional leadership enabled us to accomplish milestones. You substantially contributed to unveil the decarbonisation potential of the gas infrastructure and the crucial role it plays in enhancing energy transition. That’s clear that we will all continue benefiting from your wisdom and expertise in the future. We wish you all the best in the next phase of your life!”
Torben Brabo, GIE President


“You were an inspiring business leader with strong values and a very supportive colleague. You will remain a lasting role model for all of us. You played a pivotal role in establishing the EU gas market back in 2009. And in fact, the whole industry is grateful for your unparallel investment and for all the things your thoughts us on the way. Thank you for turning those years into a fantastic journey. We hope you have nothing but happiness for your retirement.

Boyana Achovski, GIE Secretary General

Note to editors

Who is GIE?

Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) is the association representing the interests of European gas infrastructure operators active in gas transmission, gas storage and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) regasification. GIE is a trusted partner of European institutions, regulatory bodies and industry stakeholders. It is based in Brussels, the heart of European policymaking. GIE currently represents 70 member companies from 26 countries. GIE’s vision is that by 2050, the gas infrastructure will be the backbone of the new innovative energy system, allowing European citizens to benefit from a secure, efficient and sustainable energy supply.